Fota Arboretum and Gardens Re-Opening Monday 18th May 2020

Fota Arboretum and Gardens Re-Opening Monday 18th May 2020

The Arboretum and Gardens at Fota House, managed by the OPW, will reopen to the public on Monday 18th May

We are delighted to again welcome visitors to enjoy the magnificent grounds from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM daily. Our grounds access plan is for safe, respectful visits to the Arboretum & Gardens consistent with Phase 1 of the Covid-19 Government Roadmap.

  • Arboretum opened daily at the above times
  • Walled & Pleasure Gardens open daily
  • We are pleased to make the Pleasure Gardens exclusive to the enjoyment of ‘Cocooners’ between: 10am-1pm (Mon–Fri), 11am-1pm (Sat). We ask other visitors to respect this initiative within these times.

While Fota House itself, managed by the Irish Heritage Trust, remains closed for the time being we are working behind-the-scenes so that we can welcome you back when the time comes. We will also have updates about events as information becomes available. In the meantime the following amenities are available;

  • Victorian Working Gardens will be open Mon–Fri up to 3pm with a large range of plants grown by Fota Gardeners available for purchase
  • Bakestone Café will operate a takeaway coffee and limited snack menu Wed–Sun, 11am-5pm.

Use contactless payment where possible and please adhere to the queue system in place for everyone’s benefit. Please dispose of any single use materials responsibly on the property.

General Site Guidelines

  • Visitors are asked to adhere to social distancing of 2m as advised by the HSE
  • We remind visitors of the 5k travel radius currently in place which extends to 20k in phase two
  • On pathways around the Arboretum & Gardens and to / from the car park visitors are asked to adopt a ‘keep left / pass right’ walking pattern
  • At any pinch points, such as crossing pathways, visitors are encouraged to beckon thru others to avoid undue contact
  • Visitors are asked to keep contact with others to a minimum and not congregate in any groups – please keep pathways free others
  • Access to the property is only via the main gate
  • Visitors are asked to be socially conscious and responsible for the maximum enjoyment of all

Visitors should follow Leave No Trace principles ( )


Let’s all play our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Each of us can make a difference.

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