Getting your birds on the property ladder!

How can we attract more birds into our gardens? One way to do this is to put up bird boxes. The kinds of birds you attract will depend on the size of the box and the aperture in the front of it. Smaller birds, such as blue tits, coal tits and great tits are frequent tenants. For them the entrance hole at the front should be small.  But larger boxes can attract sparrows or starlings. Boxes with open fronts will attract robins, wrens, wagtails and even spotted flycatchers.

October is national Reuse Month. The Southern Waste Region, through Cork County Council, along with Fota House, sponsored  a bird-box making workshop in the Frameyard on Saturday, 22nd.  In the spirit of recycling, we used  wood from the old library at Fota House and gathered in the sun-filled greenhouse, under the guidance of Gerry Kelly, to put the boxes together.

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