Sprinkles the Elf is Decorating Fota House for Christmas!

Sprinkles counts the Chimneys

I hope you are feelingĀ on top of the world today and excited about Santa!

Us elves are putting on our wellingtons because we are going on an adventure around the arboretum to find beautiful holly, ivy and greenery for decorating the house. Lets hope the birds haven’t taken all of our berries! I LOVE green, it’s my favourite colour – it reminds me of the wonderful gardens here at Fota where us elves go out to play when we aren’t busy working for Santa and Mrs Claus.

We have been counting all the chimneys here at Fota. We will have to decorate all the mantle pieces! Can you guess how many there are? Why not put YOUR wellingtons on and come to Fota to count them yourselves?