Sprinkles and your letters to Santa!

Santa and his elves at Fota!

Hi Everyone!

Sprinkles here, just checking in with you all at this busy time.  Hope you are all keeping well and have your letter written and posted to Santa.  There were letters posted in my letter box here at Fota House and I passed them straight onto Santa.  I have had lots of elfmails asking for the correct address for Santa.  Well boys and girls there is no CORRECT address and as long as it says “Santa” & “The North Pole” it will get there! PHEW …

I am still very busy wrapping and organising here at the Elf Academy, I love every minute of it! OOOohhh the excitement!! Have you ever tried to wrap a bike with stabilizers? It’s a tricky task … hmm … I think I am running out of sticky tape after that one!!! Hannah I hope you will love your bike.

We are ready now for all the lovely children to come and visit us at Fota House … looking forward to seeing you all here this weekend and next weekend!


If you want to book tickets for the Magic of Santa at Fota House click HERE