Our approach to learning at Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens is based upon active discovery. We believe in inspiring students to discover the stories and history of the house in order to create something new. We are open to designing learning experiences to teach most subjects, or to encourage multidisciplinary learning and the creative use of technology. We specialise in designing learning experiences for second level groups, but welcome primary, third level, and lifelong learners. Please contact us and let us know what your students would like to discover! danielle@irishheritagetrust.ie

Our on – line Learning Zone facilitates a number of pre-visit activities covering History, Art History, English and Business for second level students and is free to use.  The WebQuests housed on the Learning Zone are designed for pair or group work. They guide students on a research journey to explore a topic related to Big Houses, developing student understanding of the place of the Big House in Irish history, literature and contemporary heritage. 

For the last two years we have worked with Trinity College Dublin’s Bridge21 to design really engaging 21st Century learning designs for Fota.

In some sessions we asked  students to interpret Fota’s unique selling points by creating short movies like this one made by students from Mary Immaculata College in Dunmanway:

We have also been using the unique, beautiful spaces and engaging histories of life at Fota to teach the Leaving Certificate English ‘Five Styles of Language’. Here are a few examples of digital narratives created about the house ‘Where, oh where is Toby?’ and ‘Patty at the Festival’.

We love this MEME made by the girls of St. Mary’s Mallow, the painting is ‘The Smith Barry Family at Afternoon Tea’

The Smith Barry family having afternoon tea