Celebrate Autumn’s “mists and mellow fruitfulness”!

Celebrate Autumn’s “mists and mellow fruitfulness”!

Many people find autumn a melancholy time. Maybe it’s the post-summer blues (or reds and browns).  We talk about the days shortening or the evenings closing-in. The Autumn Equinox happens when the length of day and night are roughly equal, usually around the 23rd of September. But it’s a bountiful and fertile time for nature. This late burst of production brings us a multitude of fruits, nuts and seeds.

Nowadays, we can generally buy what we want, when we want it. But nature’s autumn bounty traditionally helped us prepare for the winter ahead by harvesting, storing, drying, smoking, cooking, pickling and making sure this food lasted as long as possible. Autumn isn’t just about nature winding-down. It’s also planting the seeds for the following year; ensure its own continuation and the promise of new life in spring. So let’s celebrate autumn and its bounty. 

In the Frameyard we have our own harvest where we reap the fruits of our labour. Here are some of them.


Frameyard Tomatoes

Apple Harvest

From the Orchard – Apple Harvest

Apple harvest

The Apple harvest continues

Honedew Melons

Mellow melons!

Pear Harvest

Plenty of Pears


Butternut Squash