A Special Poem To Mark Poetry Day Ireland

A Special Poem To Mark Poetry Day Ireland

Today we’re joining the Poetry Day Ireland celebrations with some of Ireland’s beloved poets and writers as they share a favourite work. We are delighted that Cork Poet, Thomas McCarthy shares with us an unpublished poem of his through a Fota House prism. It was our intention to celebrate Poetry Day Ireland with readings by Thomas and other poets here at Fota but current Covid-19 restrictions regrettably forced the cancellation of what would have been a special occasion but we are committed to mark the day again next year. But for now we are most grateful to Thomas for sharing this delightful piece.



Your lady’s maid is a disgrace, the way she has let you out

Into the world so dishevelled, so lacking in grace.


Look at those loose-fitting feathers, silks out of place,

And threads hanging loosely when they should be taut

And black, not dish-water grey. The hems of your garment


Are falling down from behind and feathery threads

Are an embarrassment to Mrs. Bell. Lucky for you, bird,


Without the dinner-jackets of jackdaws, lacking in socks,

Your invitations to dinner are in far fields; a third


Of your food is in roads of muck or on corrugated sheds;

And all your embarrassment is camouflaged in flocks.


                                                                      Thomas McCarthy


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